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Decontamination shower

-Decontamination shower monobloc in 316L stainless steel with continuous welds airtight

-Specific design for typical laboratory BSL4

-Doors with inflateable gasket bi-flush seal with airtightness certificate

-Automatic operation managed by programmable controller

-Ramp of dissemination of decontamination solution with misting nozzles

-Polishing of interior welds to avoid any liquid retention

-Reservations for ventilation housing in ceiling

-Airtight light embedded in the ceiling

-Removable stainless steel gratings

-Shower head Stainless steel emergency for decontamination per gravity in case of power failure

-Control panels flush with lights cycle control

-Homogeneous diffusion of the decontamination solution in the shower

-Flush glazing on each door

-Shower designed and adapted for use in laboratory protective suit

-Integration of breathable air network

-Technical unit for automatic dispensing of the decontaminant solution in showers

-Piping of liquid and compressed air in 316L stainless steel

-Decontamination solution tank with mixer for homogenization

-Dual-circuit of diffusion for safety with fault alarm on each electrical and pneumatic organ







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